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Liveaboard Report: Nai'a

30 November 2023

The islands of Fiji are surrounded by some of the world's most colorful reefs and healthiest marine environments. One of the best..

Top Ten Destinations For Young Divers

20 November 2023

These ten locations are scattered across the globe, so many tiny pinpoints on our wonderful green and blue marble. From island..

Adventures in the Red Sea on the Seven Seas

The Red Sea splits the continents of Africa and Asia from one another, a strip of sea water that enters into the Gulf of Aden and..

What's The Deal With Hammerheads?

If you didn't know better, might think nature played a cruel trick on hammerhead sharks. But in reality, what at first glance..

Fascinating Feather Stars

06 November 2023

The 10 oldest species on earth have one thing in common: they live underwater. Sponges hold the record, having survived more than..

Welcoming the All Star Liveaboard Fleet

All Star Liveaboards is a new partner to us at Caradonna Adventures, but already they are making waves with all their options!..