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The Hidden Jewel of Bali

By Chase Sheldon The Alam Batu Resort and Wellness Spa in Bali Indonesia is a masterclass in luxury and relaxation . This..

The Fascinating Wonder of Mantas

By Chase Sheldon One of the strangest creatures on this little blue and green planet would have to be the Manta Ray . Closely..

10 Unique Adventures in The Out Islands of The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers world-class resorts, international shopping, exciting water sports and chic nightlife. But there's another...

Meet The Ocean's Original Odd Couple

Look carefully as you cross a patch of sand or rubble between the reefs and you might spot two of the ocean's most interesting..

South Africa's Fintastic Shark Encounters

If you are into shark diving — as in really into shark diving — you should put South Africa on your “must go” list. It's a..

Resort Report: Pelican Bay Hotel and UNEXSO

Divers who put equal value on bottom time and topside attractions will love Grand Bahama Island . This is a destination that..