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Vacations in Statia

St. Eustatius

A Quiet Island with a Colorful Past

St. Eustatius Overview

History and nature are the star attractions on St. Eustatius. Called “Statia” for short, it is a quiet Caribbean oasis where the cruise ships don't stop, and a high-rise development means the second story. Stone fortresses, museums and the crumbling foundations of Colonial-era great houses tell the history of an island that was once a bustling center of maritime trade. A pair of national parks encompasses green hills and the island's landmark volcano, where a long-dormant crater is now overgrown by a tropical rain forest. Reefs lure divers, who also spend time sifting through the scattered remains of historic wrecks in hopes of finding one of the famous blue trading beads.


Search for artifacts and fabled blue beads hidden among the scattered remains of historic wrecks,  historic souvenirs at Blue Bead Hole. Swim over, under and through a giant underwater boulder field. Drift through a submerged canyon and make a night dive with sea turtles.

SCUBA diving in Statia