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Vacations in Philippines


Cultural Mixtures with Natural Diversity

Philippines Overview

The Philippines blend East and West. Centuries of Spanish and US influences mix with Asian cultural traditions and Eastern cuisines. Sophisticated urban centers such as Manila contrast with village life in small fishing communities and mountain settlements. Clear waters and spectacular beaches attract vacationers to coastal resorts and private island enclaves. Divers and snorkelers can experience some of the most bio-diverse reefs in the world. Adventure-minded travelers can sample a wide range of activities that includes climbing, whitewater rafting, ziplines, and paddles through underground rivers. Adding to the enjoyment of every visit is the genuine warmth and hospitality of the people.


Swim with whale sharks in the clear water. Descend on open-water pinnacles covered in crinoids and anemones. Drift steep walls visited by whitetip and gray reef sharks. Discover unusual animals such as wonderpuss, ghost pipefish and hairy frogfish right off the beach. Visit cleaning stations for rare encounters with thresher sharks.

SCUBA diving in the Philippines
Vacations in Philippines


Stay at beach resorts that are launch points for sailing, surfing, kiteboarding and fishing trips. Head inland to trek, bike or bird in one of the world's most diverse biospheres, or enter the highlands to climb mile-high peaks, explore caves, ride whitewater rapids and clip into zipline courses.


Discover Philippine wellness traditions such as Hilot body work, Ventosa warm cupping therapy, and Dagdagay foot massage. Detox with herbal aromatherapy treatments or enjoy a relaxing sea salt body scrub.

Yoga in the Philippines