Vacations in Tobago


From Modern Resorts to Historic Rainforests and Timeless Reefs

Tobago Overview

This is an island that doesn't require an either/or decision. You can enjoy both a pampering beach vacation and an authentic natural adventure. To the south, sun worshipers will find mid-sized, full-service resorts perched on white-sand beaches and a comfortably-sized capital city that can be explored by foot. Drive north and the road narrows, trees take over the hillsides and brightly-colored fishermen's shacks replace resorts along the coastline. A ridge of forested mountains invites hikers, mountain bikers and bird watchers to enter the green canopy, while reefs decorated in colorful patchworks of sponges and soft coral provide a backdrop for flight-like drift dives.



Let the currents carry you through a narrow cut that leads to the largest brain coral in the Caribbean. Follow tarpon into clouds of bubbles at a surf-washed point. Watch for manta rays to swoop by or follow sea turtles through colorful sponge gardens.

SCUBA diving in Tobago


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