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Vacations in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands

Traditional Charms and Off-Grid Escapes

The Solomon Islands Overview

Remote but accessible, the Solomon Islands provide an oasis of South Pacific charm and scenic splendor. This nation of more than 900 islands still honors cultural traditions dating back a thousand years and offers landscapes of stunning natural beauty. Visitors can escape to small lodges set on the shores of sparkling lagoons, island hop to discover deserted beaches and colorful coral reefs, or make visits to traditional villages where they are welcomed as guests, not intruders. Forgotten relics of World War II lie hidden under jungle foliage, and beneath clear coastal waters. Outside the reefs, the blue waters of the Pacific beckon with promises of aquatic adventures.


Explore forgotten shipwrecks from World War II. Ride the currents through tidal channels filled with schooling sharks. Descend on walls where sea fans grow to ten feet across. Delve into lava tubes and underwater caverns, or hunt shallow bays for unusual invertebrates.

SCUBA diving in the Solomon Islands