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Vacations in Dominica


Escape the Crowds in the Natural Caribbean


Dominica Overview

Dominica's numbers look good. Mountains rise to almost 5,000 feet above sea level; lush rainforests cover 60 percent of the island; an 115-mile hiking trail runs the length of the island. There are three national parks, one boiling lake, 365 rivers – and too many natural waterfalls to count. The year-round air temperature hovers between 75 and 85 degrees and the ocean is a pleasant 80 degrees. It all adds up to a destination made for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The surrounding waters are home to pristine coral reefs, and the lush mountains and valleys provide a welcome respite from civilization.


Discover an underwater landscape where healthy coral gardens lead to dramatic walls, pinnacles and submarine canyons. Hunt for a wealth of marine life in calm, clear coastal waters.

SCUBA diving in Dominica
Hiking in Dominica


Hike to waterfalls or a boiling lake. Tour the coast by kayak or go offshore to meet whales and dolphins. Zipline through rainforest canopies, or go off-roading into the hills.


Discover the healing traditions of the Kalinago people. Rejuvenate with a detoxifying soak in the mineral-rich volcanic mud. Practice morning yoga beside a jungle stream or walk barefoot on a black sand beach.

Wellness in Dominica