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Vacations in the Bay Islands, Honduras


An Exotic Bounty of Rainforests, Rivers and Reefs

Honduras Overview

Honduras rewards nature lovers and adventure seekers on land and sea. It is a place where echoes of a once-grand civilization remain cast in stone, with palaces and pyramids cloaked in a blanket of forest greenery. Rivers plunge from mountain highlands through gorges where white waters swirl and splash. Vast tracts of lowland tropical and pine forests lay waiting to be explored within an expansive biosphere reserve. And just a boat ride from shore, a group of islands rise from the hemisphere's longest barrier reef, offering divers and snorkelers access to lively coral reefs and dramatic undersea walls.


Choose from more than 150 unique dive sites that take in everything from shallow reefs to  deep walls. Sample wreck dives drift dives, night dives, shark dives and hunt for marine life that ranges from the tiny and weird to  the biggest fish in the sea.

SCUBA diving in the Bay Islands, Honduras
Hiking in the Bay Islands, Honduras


Explore thousand-year-old stone temples and pyramids. Hike into lush rainforest valleys or the hills of cowboy and coffee country. Paddle coastal lagoons or challenge whitewater rivers. Soar through forest canopies, then end the day with a soak in hot springs.