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Vacations in Aruba



One Happy Island, Many Possibilities

Aruba Overview

Put a Caribbean spin on Amsterdam, add a touch of South Beach and some Latin spice, and then surround it with warm water and coral reefs. This is the recipe for Aruba, an island that worships the sun and plays in the water by day, then dresses up for a night on the town. Live large at the upscale resorts and casinos of Palm Beach, bargain hunt at Oranjestad's duty-free shops and galleries, or party like a local at barefoot-casual beach bars. Dive a war wreck or snorkel a reef in the morning, go offroading in the afternoon, unwind with a spa visit then enjoy a five-star meal with a sunset view. Whether you crave adventure or prefer to be pampered, this is your island.


Explore a trio of large shipwreck sitting upright in the clear water.  Search for a seahorse in a grove of bright soft corals. Navigate a huge field of submerged boulders. Visit an open-water seamount.

SCUBA diving in Aruba
Offroading in Aruba


Discover the island's wild side, where per-Colombian cave art is hidden in a landscape of red-rock monoliths and cactus. Swim in a tidal pool on a surf-washed shore.