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Vacations in Malaysia


Immersion in Emerald Forests and Submersions in Sapphire Seas

Malaysia Overview

There is a wild side to Malaysia. One that is unveiled when you depart the glittering cities and tea plantations of the Malay Peninsula and cross the South China Sea to the Island of Borneo. Here, granite peaks rise to heights of more than two miles above emerald-green rainforests that are among the oldest in the world, and home to orangutans, pygmy elephants and comical pot-bellied proboscis monkeys. National parks protect ecosystems that nurture the greatest diversity of plant life on the planet. Along the coast, coral reefs and offshore islands set in sapphire waters support an equally broad range of marine life.


Follow sea turtles into shadowy caves cut into the face of a mile-deep wall. Ride currents past steep underwater pinnacles that attract schooling hammerhead sharks and manta rays. Hunt for cryptic invertebrates in gardens of staghorn coral and shallow silt-bottom bays. Witness the flamboyant mating rituals of mandarin fish among the pilings of a water village.

SCUBA diving in Malaysia