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Vacations in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia

A Green Island in a Sea of Blue

Saint Lucia Overview

Anyone needing proof that tourism and nature can co-exist need only visit the island of Saint Lucia. Beachfront resorts complement rather than eclipse the scenic beauty of coastal bays, and just a bit inland and higher up, the second wave of guest houses and upscale boutique hotels are cloistered in groves of greenery or sit perched on hillsides that deliver panoramic views of sea and sky. This is an island where things grow, and restaurants and resort kitchens benefit from a steady supply of fresh ingredients. It is also an island of discovery, where adventures await in mountains, rainforests and reefs.


Start from the shore to explore one of the most colorful reefs in the Caribbean. Catch the current to soar along the slopes of an underwater mountain. Search dark crevices for a fabled sea monster that really exists.

SCUBA diving in St. Lucia
Kayaking in St. Lucia


Paddle to hidden bays and a jungle river. Walk into an alien landscape of bubbling volcanic hot springs. Follow shaded paths to waterfalls. Climb the Caribbean's most iconic peak. Soar through forest canopies or pedal through the woods.


Melt stress with a massage on a hillside terrace. Rejuvenate with natural and organic ingredients from the island's virgin rainforest and mineral-rich volcanic waters. Begin the day with beachside yoga. Lighten up with some Yolo Polo.

Wellness in St. Lucia