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Misool Foundation Protecting Our Underwater World

21 June 2024

Diving , Indonesia Overview

The Misool Foundation was established in 2005, as part of the Misool private resort. Built upon a former shark-finning site, where hundreds of wild sharks were killed, this location’s history was forever changed as conservation efforts began. 100,000 acres of ocean had been leased to the Misool Foundation, the island of Batbitim, Indonesia as the staging area for the conservation efforts.

They needed a way to fund these works though, and that is how the resort was born. Not a single tree would be cut down, every part of the resort built from reclaimed wood by the original staff and volunteers. Their goal was not to make money, but to create a healthy and safe habitat for the local reefs and show how sustainable ecotourism is a better pathway than mining, forestry, or overfishing, which had been damaging the local ecology.


Their mission statement is “to safeguard the most biodiverse reefs on Earth through the empowerment of local communities, providing a structure by which they are able to reclaim their traditional tenureship of reefs. The Foundation maintains a broad approach to conservation, combining environmental, social, and educational elements.”.

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This mission has been proven, not only as a success on a local level, but on a global one. While it's sad to understand, most reefs around the world are growing smaller and more unhealthy every year, despite the best efforts of many people, and for a multitude of reasons. The state of our reefs is partially why the work of the Misool Foundation is so important. Their efforts have seen the local reefs in the area that they safeguard, Raja Ampat, East Flores and Sorong, flourish and grow. The operations have expanded and grown as well, adding projects for recycling and community education, as well as reintroducing endangered shark populations back into their native habitats.

You too can become part of this journey and can help in their fight for the aquatic world that we all depend on. You can visit their site to explore more options in donating and working with their partners in their incredible endeavors. You can also work with us at Caradonna Adventures. We've partnered with Dive Damai, a new experience in Liveaboards, and we would be proud to help you learn more and explore the world, in style, luxury, and in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. Dive Damai has two such luxury vessels Damai I and Damai II, and they are partnered with the Misool Foundation.


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