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Vacations in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Immersions and Adventures in the Wild and Wonderful

Papua New Guinea Overview

Just being there is an adventure. Papua New Guinea is home to some of the world's last true wilderness areas. Footpaths and jungle airstrips connect tribal lands that have yet to the first hints of modern global development. Mountains rise high into a realm of cloud forests, where comfortable eco-lodges welcome trekkers and bird watchers. Coral reefs teem with marine life and the still waters of coastal fjords hide forgotten war wrecks. Visitors who enter the forest are welcomed bu village elders and invited to share in the daily life of indigenous people who still practice the lifestyles and beliefs of their ancestors.


Circumnavigate coral pinnacles swarming with life. Swim with hammerheads, manta rays and whale sharks. Find cryptic creatures hiding in discarded war materiel. Dive into the interior caldera of a massive sunken volcano.

SCUBA diving in Papua New Guinea
Hiking in Papua New Guinea


Follow a high-country trail through mountain villages and historic battlefields. Meet villagers who maintain traditional ways of life. Ride a dugout canoe to a waterfall hidden deep in the jungle. Witness the ritual warfare of a Sing-sing ceremony.