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A Colorful Take on the Caribbean

Curaçao Overview

Everything about Curaçao is a riot of color, from Willemstad’s historic buildings and iconic floating market to the island's vibrant art scene and lively carnival schedule. The colors continue as you wade from white sand beaches into blue waters to discover the dazzling coral reefs that ring the island in garlands of orange, purple and yellow sponges and sea fans. Cooled by trade winds and sitting outside the hurricane belt, Curaçao is an ideal destination any time of year. The Colonial-era buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and stone fortresses of the old town have made the United Nations' World Heritage list, and the island deserves a place on your “must visit” list.


Swim to a coral reef right off the beach, or catch a dive boat bound for a historic war wreck. Swim into a cloud of tropical fish or discover unique mushroom-shaped coral formations.

SCUBA diving in Curacao
Hiking in Curacao


Take a sunset sail. Discover the island's wild beaches and rugged interior by four wheel drive. View aboriginal cave art. Wander centuries-old cobblestone streets in one of the Caribbean's most historic ports. Troll for bluewater gamefish or take a speedboat ride to a deserted island.