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The Waters of Life

Egypt Overview

For centuries, travelers have come to Egypt to marvel at the monuments of an ancient and storied civilization. The life-giving waters of the Nile River provide a liquid highway to the temples, tombs and pyramids of the Pharos, and to villages where agrarian ways of life date back five millennia. More recently, Egypt has become a mecca for a new breed of aquatic adventure. The waters of the Red Sea teem with life and are considered among the world's best scuba diving destinations. From multi-hued coral reefs and cloud-like schools of fish to historic wrecks and shark encounters, it's all here.


Egypt is home to a world-class fleet of liveaboards offering a wide range of itineraries, some geared towards relaxing diving on colorful reefs and walls, others which include shipwrecks, offshore pinnacles and big animal encounters.