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Green Policy

After over 31 years of connecting divers with the wonders of the underwater world, Caradonna Dive Adventures' commitment to the preservation of the marine environment is stronger than ever. As divers, we share a passion for our sport with everyone that travels under our care and recommendation. The fragile eco-system in which we dive needs our diligent care and protection, so we are constantly monitoring our partners' practices and procedures to ensure that their commitment to the marine environment is also evident and executed on a continuous basis.

The resorts, dive operators, and liveaboard vessels we represent practice eco-friendly methods of operation and many are directly involved in efforts that constantly monitor and contribute to the well-being of their diving environments. We urge all divers to contribute to these efforts by pitching in whenever possible and supporting both the environmental initiatives being practiced by our partners around the world and by contributing generously, as we do, to those environmental organization who provide research and funding to initiate protective policies and practices worldwide.

And remember, charity starts at home, so we urge all fellow citizens of our blue planet to look into your daily lives and see what else you can do to further protect our seas. Simple things such as water conservation, recycling and not buying over-fished species can make a difference in whether future generations of divers will be able to share the experiences we are so privileged to witness today.