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Vacations in Saba


The Caribbean's Unspoiled Island Queen

Saba Overview

This is not the Caribbean as it is usually imagined. There are no white-sand beaches, no palm trees rustling in the trades, no sailboats bobbing at anchor. The volcanic spire that is Saba rises steeply from the blue Caribbean to a cloud-shrouded peak. A single road climbs skyward, linking small villages that hold to the traditions of a seafaring past. Tidy red-roofed homes cluster on hillsides, while far below, clear waters wash over submerged pinnacles and plateaus that lie within an all-encompassing marine reserve. Divers and travelers who venture to this less-visited island understand why it is known as the Caribbean's “Unspoiled Queen.”


Hover atop a needle-thin spire of rock that rises from unseen depths. Search for  cryptic bottom dwellers under the shadow of a towering cliff. Swim through geothermal flows and gas bubbles rising from hidden fumaroles. Navigate submerged canyons overgrown with multi-colored coatings of sea fans and sponges.

Diving in Saba