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Vacations in Belize


Island Styles and Jungle Vibes

Belize Overview

Jacque Cousteau would love this place, but then so to would Indiana Jones... and Robinson Caruso. Belize combines the best of the Caribbean and Central America. It is a land where coral reefs swarm with rainbow-hued fish, postcard-perfect islands are ringed by white sand beaches, and Jungle Rivers flow from forest-clad mountains that hide mysterious caves and the stone temples of lost civilizations. Awake your inner explorer with treks into forest reserves, zipline canopy tours or off-road adventures. Take to the sea to paddle, sail, fish or dive, and then enjoy a relaxing massage in a beachfront veranda.


Wind your way through a maze of spur-and-groove coral formations that lay just a short boat ride from shore. Descend into the Caribbean's largest Blue Hole to see formations created during the last ice age. Drift along steep walls covered in multi-colored sea fans, and search for marine life in shallow coral gardens.

SCUBA diving in Belize
Ziplining in Belize


Swim with stingrays and nurse sharks. Drift through a river cave. Climb to the top of a Mayan pyramid. Ride an airboat through coastal swamps. Sail to an offshore atoll and the amazing Blue Hole.