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Located in the middle of the Indo Pacific, the waters of Malaysia offer up one of the richest marine biodiversity of any ocean with thousand upon thousands of enigmatic marine invertebrates, corals and fish_scuba diving vacations in Malaysia

Diving in Exotic

Realms of Underwater Riches

Diving Into Diversity

Marine biologists use the term “biodiversity”. Divers may just say “wow”. At the junction of the Indian and Pacific Oceans lies an underwater realm that is home to the greatest variety of marine life on the planet. Corals found nowhere else grow in abundance, and provide habitat for more than 2,000 species of fish and 6,000-plus varieties of invertebrates. This is a critter hunter's Mecca, where sediment-lined bays are home to the rare and bizarre. But it is also a destination for those who enjoy towering underwater walls, current-washed seamounts and big animal encounters. Add in topside settings that include unique cultures and some of the world's last true wilderness areas, and you have all the ingredients for the dive trip of a lifetime.