Parrotfish and Coral Reef

Parrotfish: Coral Crunching Beach Builders

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Seeing Turtles

You've probably met them, but do you know them? Sea turtle sightings make most any dive more interesting—especially if it's a big..

Where is Raja Ampat?

And why should you go! Get a group of divers talking about dream destinations and sooner or later someone will mention Raja Ampat..

Fish with Wings

A closer look at the quirky habits of the flying gurnard There you are, finning across a rather ordinary bit of sea floor that's..

Resort Report: Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort, Roatan

When you land in Roatan, the drive from the airport to Turquoise Bay will take few minutes longer than if you were headed for one..

Resort Report: Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, St. Lucia

Lesleen M Wreck The Lesleen M is a gorgeous shipwreck. I discovered it on my first trip to St. Lucia in 1991. Revisiting it on a..

Liveaboard Report: Kona Aggressor II

Text and Photography by Walt Stearns It’s not often one is faced with such choices, especially when you are just a football field..