Sulawesi Safari Adventures

The waters surrounding Indonesia's Sulawesi Island are some of the richest on earth. Divers come from around the world to hunt..

Seeing Seahorses

Have you ever seen a seahorse? If you dive in tropical or temperate waters, you've almost certainly swum right past them without..

Diving Deluxe

Imagine yourself diving on some of the world's finest reefs. Then add some extras, like gourmet dining, awe-inspiring views,..

Malaysia - Better Late Than Never

By Stephen Frink This is an excerpt from a story published in Alert Diver Magazine, based on a trip to Malaysia by the magazine's..

Baja's Bait Ball Free-For-All

Each fall, an upwelling of nutrient-rich waters washes the west-central coast of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. This flowing buffet..

Toxic Tactics

Diving a coral reef is a great way to relax. But that's because we divers are just visitors to the aquatic realm. We may not..