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Diving Mexico's Amazing Cenotes

Cenote diving is one of life's great adventures, and Mexico's Yucatan peninsula is the best place on earth to experience the..

Snakes on a Reef

Dive on a coral reef in places like Fiji, the Philippines or Indonesia and you may encounter one of the most venomous creatures..

7 Reasons Why Divers Love The Bahamas

If you set out to create a destination just for divers, you'd probably start with warm, clear waters, add in plenty of shallow to..

Little Cayman's Gregarious Grouper

The Cayman Islands, the water will look clearer, the sand will feel softer, the dream will be worth the wait. In the interim..

Curaçao's Great Eight

Whether you're all about the diving, or just want to slip some bottom time into an island vacation, Curaçao is the place. Down..

Seven by Sea

Most dive trips begin with a boat ride. But when the schedule calls for returning to the docks by lunchtime — or happy hour —..