Parrotfish and Coral Reef

Parrotfish: Coral Crunching Beach Builders

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One of Our Favorite Places: Brendal's Dive Center

The diving's great, but that could be said about many places in the Bahamas. It's all the other things that make this out island..

Resort Report: Turquoise Bay Dive & Beach Resort, Roatan

When you land in Roatan, the drive from the airport to Turquoise Bay will take few minutes longer than if you were headed for one..

Where is Raja Ampat?

And why should you go! Get a group of divers talking about dream destinations and sooner or later someone will mention Raja Ampat..

Liveaboard Report: Kona Aggressor II

Text and Photography by Walt Stearns It’s not often one is faced with such choices, especially when you are just a football field..

Fish with Wings

A closer look at the quirky habits of the flying gurnard There you are, finning across a rather ordinary bit of sea floor that's..

Resort Report: Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, St. Lucia

Lesleen M Wreck The Lesleen M is a gorgeous shipwreck. I discovered it on my first trip to St. Lucia in 1991. Revisiting it on a..