Ready, Set, Dive

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Seeing Seahorses

Have you ever seen a seahorse? If you dive in tropical or temperate waters, you've almost certainly swum right past them without..

Ready, Set, Dive

We've all been through a tough few months. The social distancing, home sheltering and economic uncertainties are challenging..


Baja's Bait Ball Free-For-All

Each fall, an upwelling of nutrient-rich waters washes the west-central coast of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. This flowing buffet..

Dive Back In

After weeks of staying at home and doing our part to flatten the curve, we're all ready to get back in the water. Probably at a..

Diving Deluxe

Imagine yourself diving on some of the world's finest reefs. Then add some extras, like gourmet dining, awe-inspiring views,..

Five Top South Pacific Dive Adventures

Have weeks of home sheltering and social distancing got you dreaming of blue water and far away South Pacific islands? Well don't..