A Friend in the Business

A Friend in the Business

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Galapagos Sky

By: Walt Stearns I'm not usually a fan of using words such as “ultimate,” “amazing” or “best ever” in a review. But, there are..

Grand Cayman's Silvery Maelstrom

A Unique Marine Life Encounter in the Waters of the Cayman Islands At sites all around the island of Grand Cayman, divers may run..

Take a BodyHoliday

Playtime meets personal restoration at this unique Caribbean resort If your idea of an ideal tropical vacation is a chaise lounge..

Liveaboard Profile: Spirit of Freedom

Premier Liveaboard Diving on the Great Barrier Reef Australia's Great Barrier Reef is big. Really big. It stretches more than 1,..

Resort Report: Anthony's Key Resort

From dive outpost to premier resort One of the Caribbean's premier dive resorts will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018 with..

The Magnificent Seven

A collection of the underwater world's most awe inspiring and photogenic formations Some dive sites are famous for big fish...