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5 Reasons to Dive Nassau This Summer

Nassau, Bahamas is one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean, as voted year after year by Scuba Diving Magazine’s...

Dive into the Rich Waters of Tobago

Why Tobago for a dive trip? Because it's an island that doesn't require an either/or decision. It is a place that offers..

Saba, The Caribbean's Tiny Tropical Treasure

They say that quality beats quantity nine times out of ten. They also say that quantity has a quality all on its own. What if..

Crystal Clear Waters of the Cayman Islands

By Chase Sheldon Warm throughout the year, even in the depths of the winter months. Crystal clear waters that never fail to take..

Wakatobi, The Pelagian and Indonesia's Diving Possibilities

The Wakatobi region holds 150 of the some 17,000 islands of the country of Indonesia , a hidden gem of southeast Asia, and a..

Pure and Untouched Pemba Island

By Chase Sheldon Fifty-five kilometers long and twenty- two kilometers wide, the Island of Pemba is not as developed as its..