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St. Kitts: Above and Below

“I've got to fly to St. Somewhere” singer Jimmy Buffet once crooned. And for many who harbor similar escapist daydreams, visions..

Whales Are Facing a Crisis Created By Humans. Can We Help Save Them?

Arguably as one of Earth’s most fascinating animals, whales have long held a place of awe and reverence in our psyche. By: Anna...

Guadeloupe's Unique Adventures

The Guadeloupe Islands deliver a full complement of vacation delights. You can find relaxation at indulgent beachfront resorts,..

Malaysia: Above and Below

Malaysia is a land of contrast. It is one of Southeast Asia's most dynamic commercial centers, but it is also a land of pristine..

Fort Young Hotel: Dominica's Go-To Destination for Adventure and Relaxation

From reefs to rainforests, and whales to waterfalls, Dominica has it all. Often described as the Caribbean's “Nature Island,”..

Top 5 Special Creatures at Magic Point

Before we begin our countdown of the top five special creatures that can be found at Magic Oceans house reef, it seems very..