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Vacations in Micronesia


Green Jewels Set in Blue

Micronesia Overview

Seen from space, the 607-island nation that is the Federated States of Micronesia are tiny specs of green floating in a million square miles of blue. These islands are among the most remote land masses on the planet—and some of the most beautiful. Biologically and culturally diverse, they are blessed with near-pristine landscapes that include tall  mountain peaks, deeply-gorged river valleys, rolling hills, open grassland, lush mangrove forests, protected lagoons, and secluded sandy beaches. Traditional ways of life coexist with unobtrusive yet thoroughly modern resorts. Memories of war are slowly overgrown by jungle foliage and encrusting corals, and expansive lagoons are home to some of the best dive sites on earth.


Explore a ghost fleet of war wrecks in clear lagoon waters. Join the excitement at underwater promontories where big fish and sharks gather. Probe the shadowy chambers of an underwater cave. Witness the world's most famous gathering of manta rays.

SCUBA diving in Micronesia
Snorkeling in Micronesia


Paddle through mangrove channels and coastal bays. Hike into the jungle to discover caves and overgrown war bunkers. Visit a village where stone money is still legal tender. Soar over coral reefs in a helicopter. Swim with non-stinging freshwater jellyfish.