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Vacations in Fiji


The Islands Where Happiness Lives

Fiji Overview

It's known as the land where happiness finds you. On Fiji, hospitality isn't considered an industry. It's a way of life. The people of this island nation are renowned for their warmth and friendliness, and visitors are met with smiles and greetings. Attitude alone makes Fiji a favorite for many, but there's more. Beaches are of cinematic quality and the surrounding lagoons are the stuff of daydreams. When you imagine a Pacific Island paradise, chances are it will look like Fiji. Even greater sensory rewards await in the surrounding waters, where coral reefs explode in a riot of colors, and all manner of marine life thrive.


Swim with sharks in calm lagoon waters. Ride the currents along slopes and walls thick with undulating grooves of brightly-hued soft corals. Witness a manta cleaning station. Enter a tidal channel swarming with gray reef sharks, and huge schools of trevally, barracuda and snappers. Search for rare finds on towering coral bommies.

SCUBA diving in Fiji
Hiking in Fiji


Drift through a deep volcanic gorge, or ride a bamboo raft on a jungle stream. Attend a traditional kava ceremony. Paddle into mangrove mazes or across lagoons to deserted beaches. Do battle with big fish in blue water or speed across the waves on a PWS.


Discover the health benefits of a traditional Fiji Bobo massage. Detox and rejuvenate with banana leaf wraps and sugar/coconut scrubs. Follow a Fijian warrior escort to a private jungle spa, where treatments are followed by a candlelight and champagne dinner.

Wellness in Fiji