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Vacations in Indonesia


Islands of Warm Smiles in a Sea of Diversity

Indonesia Overview

You could island hop for years and still not see it all. Indonesia is a nation of islands—17,508 islands to be exact. It is also a land of diversity, where hundreds of traditional cultures mesh and landscapes change from towering volcanic peaks to coastal rainforests and offshore reefs. Some islands are world-famous vacation destinations; others provide comfortable anonymity and an escape from the cares of modern life. Far from the high rises of Jakarta and the clubs of Bali, orangutans lounge in forest canopies and menacing Komodo dragons roam their island domain. Even greater natural treasures await on coral reefs that teem with the richest sea life in the world.


Up your critter count in a bay with the greatest number of coral and fish species on earth. Dive walls that begin almost at the surface. Drift across knife-shaped pinnacles covered in huge sea fans. Witness the flamboyant mating rituals of mandarin fish. Search the shallows for unusual finds such as frogfish, snake eels, devilfish and flamboyant cuttlefish.

SCUBA Diving in Indonesia


Experience the time-honored techniques of Balinese massage. Discover stretches to stimulate blood flow and energy. Relax muscles with a hot stone treatment. Practice yoga in a forest preserve or on a quiet beach.

Wellness in Indonesia