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Australia's Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and a destination that has it all from the tiniest and most exotic marine creature to the largest fish in the sea

Diving in the Pacific

A Sea of Possibilities

Diving Large in Legendary Waters

Divers can dream big in the islands of the Pacific. There are big wrecks, big fish and big reefs that stretch for hundreds of miles. Table-top coral formations the size of houses rise within sheltered lagoons while swirling masses of reef sharks gather in tide-washed channels. The largest accessible wreck in the Pacific can be explored as a shore dive, and bus-sized whale sharks circle the flanks of submerged spires. But size isn't all that matters. Soft coral gardens explode in rainbow hues that transform walls into undulating works of art, and bright shallows swarm with tropical fish decked out in bright, intricate patterns.