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Welcoming the All Star Liveaboard Fleet

All Star Liveaboards is a new partner to us at Caradonna Adventures, but already they are making waves with all their options! All Star offers liveaboards across the world, from Indonesia to the Bahamas, and even the Red Sea, diving has never been easier or more convenient. All Star offers great deals with their fleet of dive boats, each with their own perks and benefits, fitting anywhere from 9 exclusive cabins to 26 party goers.

In the Bahamas, you can choose between riding on the Aqua Cat, and Blackbeard Cruises, two sporting vessels that will jump around the islands, offering multiple different dive locations each day, from wreck and wall diving, exploring the natural world I'm new and unique ways, to going shark diving, getting the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most majestic creatures in the ocean. You can even take the chance and visit one of the rate blue holes, the Lost Blue Hole, home to reefs, fish, and blacktip sharks.

Or you can visit beautiful Indonesia, taking a trip to journey through crystal clear waters, exotic locals, and some of the best diving the world has to offer. There is the traditional Aurora Liveaboard, a one hundred and thirty-two foot luxury Pinisi, complete with two custom dive tenders, great shore excursions, and a one to one ratio of guests to crew, you will never be taken care of as well as on the Aurora. Of course, you could also try out the Velocean Liveaboard, with its ten private suites, gourmet meals, and free WiFi. Both liveaboards offer a chance to dive at Raja Ampat with some of the most exclusive and beautiful diving in the world. An experience truly like no other.

Finally, last, but never least, you cannot forget the Red Sea. Built with divers in mind, the aptly named All Star Red Sea travels throughout the aforementioned waters to see all manner of beautiful and captivating creatures. You can dive with hammerheads, thrashers, and whale sharks, or take a trip one of many different wrecks to visiting the Elphinstone Reef.


All Star Liveaboards offer exciting adventures across the globe, where you can travel, sleep, eat, and enjoy life, all on the comfort and luxury of an exclusive cruise ship. Each vessel is its own journey, makes its own waves, and is its very own experience.