Caradonna's Treasure Chest

Here you'll find a plethora of ways Caradonna can help you market your group trip

Welcome to our Treasure Chest of Group Marketing Services

We understand that filling a group can sometimes be difficult and we want to help make that as easy as possible for you. To ensure that you have all the necessary tools to effectively market your next dive trip. Our Treasure Chest of Group Marketing Services will equip you with the collateral you need for successful marketing.

Flyer Creation

With 3 templates to choose from, you’ll be able to wow potential clients and spread the word about your upcoming trip with ease.

Facebook Asset Creation

Seeing as how Facebook is the primary social media tool for marketing for many of our clients, we have 3 options to choose from to help you promote on there. Facebook assets can also be used on Twitter and Instagram too!

PowerPoint Creation

PowerPoint is a useful tool to help present your trip to potential divers. Fill each slide with helpful information to promote your trip. We will customize a 5 slide presentation and even add your logo.

Custom Landing Page Creation

A custom landing page is a great way to promote your next trip. You can link to your page via social, email and even include it on your flyer. Simply complete the form and we will create a custom page that helps sell your trip for you.