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Vacations in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Treasure Islands Rich with Nature's Gems

British Virgin Islands Overview

Legend has it that pirate's treasure still lies hidden on these islands. But the real treasure for those who visit the British Virgins is golden sunshine, sapphire-blue waters, pearly-white beaches and emerald-green islands. This is the sailing capital of the Caribbean and home to some of its most iconic beach bars. Island-hopping adventures await as you splash in shaded grottoes formed by the giant boulders of The Baths, dance barefoot at Bomba's legendary Full Moon Party, savor barbecued lobster on a remote out island or charter a sloop for a spirited day sail to a posh beach resort.


Explore fish-filled coral gardens and volcanic pinnacles festooned with colorful sea fans. Visit the Caribbean's most storied wreck, swim into a pirate's cave and shadow an eagle ray's graceful progress.  

SCUBA diving in the British Virgin Islands
Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands


Kayak through mangrove lagoons, or make a downwind paddleboard run between islands. Sail across Sir Francis Drake Channel to explore a pirate's cave. Discover grottoes hidden in house-size boulders. Fly high above the forest on a hillside canopy tour.