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Saba, The Caribbean's Tiny Tropical Treasure

They say that quality beats quantity nine times out of ten. They also say that quantity has a quality all on its own. What if though, you could have both? Quality diving, and a quantity of dive sites at which you could explore. Is that not the perfect combination, especially if we are to combine that superb value with the dazzling sites and experiences that can come from going diving in the Caribbean? The island of Saba has just what you are looking for in that case. This tropical treasure does not have just one or two or ten or even twenty dive sites sitting in the waters. No, this tiny, beautiful island has thirty-one dive sites.

Thirty-one different locations for you to explore, encounter, and enjoy. Ahead of the north shore there is the islet Green Island, where you can swim with calm nurse sharks and tiny filefish. To the south, you can see Mantis Shrimp at Big Rock Deep or Eagle Rays at Hole in the Corner. But to the east? There are more than 20 different dive sites, reef diving spots, shark diving, coral nurseries, and more. You can learn more about the wonderful world of diving off Saba here, but to truly enjoy your time, you can’t just be stuck in the sand, so where to stay?

Overlooking the Caribbean waters is the grand Juliana's Hotel, a welcome sight to all guests of the Island of Saba. For over thirty years, this hotel has been a bastion of explorers, divers, and has updated with modern times, providing all the luxuries and accommodations that you should expect of a hotel of this caliber. With seventeen different rooms each allowing for different experiences, this makes the hotel the perfect vacation spot for singles, couples, and families looking to get away.

After setting up and signing up for your diving adventure, how do you want to spend the rest of your time in elegant Saba? Well, there are guided tours available, to explore the highest point in the entirety of the Dutch Kingdom, or you can travel the tropical jungle, seeing all of nature’s beauty for yourself. Then again, if you are more artistic, you can join so many others like you at The Studio, a part of the island's art scene that allows you to work with and gain advice from the island’s various artists. With more than thirty dive sites, guided tours of the island, an artists paradise and more, Juliana’s Hotel offers a promise few can make, that no two journeys will ever be alike.

So, take heart and heed, your adventure starts when you book your trip. Whether you travel for the weather, the waves, the diving or the island itself, you will find a place to belong and enjoy yourself in Saba. The agents at Caradonna Adventures are ready to help you plan your next Caribbean getaway so you can explore Saba’s beautiful waters, cut loose, and relax without the stress of booking travel.