A Friend in the Business

A Friend in the Business

How working with Caradonna can give you an inside advantage on travel

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can book their own flights and hotels. So why use a travel agent? If you had an hour to spare, I could give you lots of reasons. But you are probably busy, so here's the short answer: Working with the right travel agent is like having a knowledgeable friend in the business—someone who knows the best places, the best ways to get there, and how to avoid hassles along the way. Your friend will handle all the details, save you time and possibly money, and be ready to help with any complications. And since you are friends, all this is just a favor, no charge.

How can we help?

Unless you really like spending hours on your laptop or mobile device, one of the first ways the staff at Caradonna Adventures can help is by saving you time. Despite all the advertising claims from the online travel sites, all that searching won't get you a better price than what we can find for you. In some cases, we may even find a cheaper fare, or know about some special package pricing. But at the very least, you won't pay any more for our help.

And it's not just about price. It's about making the right choice. Every hotel and tour operation puts on their best game face on the Internet, and even the most reputable review sites post contradictory information at times. It can be hard to sift through the marketing hype and find the best choice for you. Again, that's where we can help. The agents at Caradonna travel to many of the properties we represent, and we send dozens to hundreds of customers to these same properties. We know the real story, and can help you narrow the search to create the perfect vacation based on your individual needs and preferences.

The insider advantage

Because we book trips all over the world all day long, we know things the average traveler might miss. Not every airline flies everywhere every day. Sometimes, something as simple as knowing to shift a ticket from a Saturday to a Sunday can save hundreds, or cut hours out of layover and transit time. And then there are the stories of self-booked travelers who added needless hours to their journey with poor routing or unknowingly neglected to book an in-country transfer and were stuck at the wrong end of the country, or on the wrong island.

Another advantage we have is relationships with the airlines, hotels and tour operators. Because we send them a steady stream of business, we can sometimes lock in rates, get unadvertised package deals, find a room or space on a liveaboard that the Internet shows as sold out, and secure special perks for our customers. If there is a glitch or complication, we are in a better position to solve it. Despite all the claims for customer service, the truth is that we usually have more clout with vendors than solo travelers do, because we represent a much larger volume of business. This gives us an inside advantage when it comes to resolving glitches such as cancellations, refunds and schedule changes.

Going the extra mile

Here's something you won't get when you book through an online website—a voice at the other end of the phone who is familiar with the details of both the destination and your personal travel plans. Having a contact person to reach out to is a great way to get additional insights on your trip. And should something go a bit sideways, we'll do everything possible to go the extra mile and make it right.

Here's a recent example of Caradonna making things right: we had a group traveling to Dominica, with a stop in Antigua. Their inter-island flight was canceled, and it looked like they would miss a couple of days of their trip, stuck on the wrong island. It was a Friday night, but our agents started working the phones and ended up chartering an airplane that got them to their resort in time for the next day's boat trip. Another Caradonna agent went even further when the group she was traveling with got stuck in the airport in Honduras, with no gate agent in sight to resolve the issue. She hopped behind the counter, worked the computers herself and got everyone home.

Give us a call

For all the reasons described and more, it just makes sense to work with one of Caradonna's experienced agents when you are planning your next adventure vacation. We'll help you find the destination and resort that's best for you, handle the logistics of getting there, find the best prices and most convenient schedules, and be there for you in case there are glitches. So give us a call at 800-330-6611 or email us at sales@caradonna.com and let's talk. Because we’re friends it won't cost a thing.