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The Fascinating Wonder of Mantas

By Chase Sheldon
One of the strangest creatures on this little blue and green planet would have to be the Manta Ray. Closely related to sharks, these creatures are long, thin, and flat, with their mouths squared off by twin flaps to funnel food, eyes on the sides of their heads like hammerhead sharks, and gills on the underside of their bodies, these strange sea critters are like flattened out sharks. The only real big difference between them and the average shark is their diet, which like the whale shark, mostly consists of small zooplankton and krill, and their tales, which are long and whip-like, rather than robust, finned tails of sharks. All of that said though, and these relatives of sharks are excellent swimming companions. There are several places in the world where you can wade into the water to be up close and personal with these creatures, but to get the full experience, there is no better place than the Manta Ray Bay Resort. It could be guessed from the name, but this resort caters to the Manta Ray experience like no other.

Located in Yap, Micronesia, the Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers is an exclusive experience, operated by a local family that makes sure that their dive sites, over thirty of them, are never crowded for their guests and that they can always offer guaranteed VIP services to their guests. This exclusivity provides some of the best experiences, and has made Yap known as one of the best kept secrets of the diving community. There aren't only Manta Rays to find in the waters surrounding Yap, you can find a multitude of sharks, fish, coral, and other fascinating little critters on and around the various reefs, wrecks, and locations you can visit.

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Diving isn't the only experience you can have while vacationing at this resort, and you can pick and choose how you want to spend your time to relax, grow, and learn as you wish. Along with diving, there are snorkeling tours available for those who aren’t yet divers, or those who want a more relaxing journey through the water. When you are done playing under the water, you can join a kayak tour, or take a fishing charter to have fun over the water. On your kayak tour, you will get to experience an untouched world, where no powered boats or manmade machines can enter, among the mangroves. Or you can take one of several different island tours, exploring the region, the wildlife, the history, or the culture of Micronesia. One of the most popular tours would have to be the World War II tour, seeking the downed aircraft and gun batteries left behind after the end of the war.

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Everything is available to those who book a trip with Caradonna Adventures, and you can pinpoint your interests to fully realize the encounters that you want to be a part of. Whether you want to spend the entire time you are there diving and snorkeling, or if you want to explore the jungles on a kayak or on foot, you will always have a warm and accommodating place to come back to in Yap, Micronesia.