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The Dolphins of our Blue World

By Chase Sheldon
There are almost fifty known species of dolphin living today, swimming throughout our world's oceans, seas, and even up into our rivers in some cases. Right now, there are thirty-eight known species of the Oceanic Dolphin family, seven that belong to the Porpoise family, and then the four different river dolphin families, each containing a single species. Altogether, it is believed that there are more than 8 million dolphins worldwide, possibly more.

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Many of these beautiful creatures are now on their way to being endangered or even critically endangered, and the World Wildlife Foundation is wary that several members of the Cetacean Orders, which Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises belong to, may become extinct this century. Species like Hector’s Dolphins, native to New Zealand waters, and the Amazon River Dolphin are both endangered, as well as the critically endangered Vaquita, a porpoise native to Baja California’s waters.

Amazon River Dolphin
Amazon River Dolphin

Perhaps the most well-known dolphin is the Common Bottlenose Dolphin, seen on TV shows and movies everywhere. This species is known to be friendly with humans and extremely playful, jumping out of the water after picking up speed. It’s no wonder these fun loving creatures are so popular. Not only can they be found throughout the world, but as one of the most common species, Bottlenose Dolphins can be found in almost all temperate and warm climates, Atlantic or Pacific. From the smallest known species, Hector’s Dolphin, to the Largest, the Killer Whale, there are many different species that you can discover. Visit the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean to see spotted dolphins, long-nosed dolphins, as well as the bottlenose. See the islands of the Galapagos, and dive with species like Risso’s Dolphins, the spinner dolphin, or the short-beaked common.

Dolphins in the clear waters of the Bahamas
Dolphins in the clear waters of the Bahamas

Caradonna Adventures offers trips filled with chances to view and be a part of the magical journey that these underwater mammals take, going from the Indo-Pacific, to the Caribbean Islands, to mysterious Galapagos. There you can see dolphins of all kinds swimming and playing in their natural habitat, in pods and families, young and old. Discover all the ways to interact with dolphins, whales, porpoises, and even sharks with dive packages to the many destinations that feature diving adventures with these majestic creatures.