Dive Back In

After weeks of staying at home and doing our part to flatten the curve, we're all ready to get back in the water. Probably at a local dive site first, but also waiting for the time when we can once again hop on an airplane and jet away to a favorite dive destination. The Covid-19 crisis hasn't killed air travel, but it has created some temporary challenges, and will likely spur some long-term changes to the way we fly. Airlines have already stepped up sanitation protocols and initiated modifications to boarding, seating and cabin service that reduce contact and allow for social distancing. These changes, plus the hospital-quality air filtration systems in modern aircraft actually make flying the safest form of public transportation now available.

So are you ready to fly? For most American's the answer is still maybe, and that answer is based on the destination. With some countries around the world still limiting flight arrivals and transfers, or requiring quarantines for disembarking passengers, there are places where it's difficult or impossible to get to at this time. In addition, if protocols such as the wearing of masks is suggested or mandated, the prospect of a ten-hour flight might be something better left for a future date when such measures are no longer deemed necessary.

But shorter flights to places close to home are now becoming a reality. Direct flights from cities across the US can get you to a number of favorite Caribbean dive destinations in just a few hours. Once here, resorts and operators are also adjusting to the new normal with a range of changes designed to keep guests safe. And as these resorts begin to welcome new arrivals, they are offering some great deals for summer and fall bookings. So when you are ready to make that giant stride back into dive travel, here are some of your current best options for quick flights to great destinations.

A Shore Thing

For the ultimate in social distance diving, head to Bonaire, where the island's famous dive-and-drive packages let you take advantage of more than 60 shore diving sites, or make a giant stride right from the pier of a waterfront resort. Tie that in with direct flights from Newark, Atlanta, Houston and Miami, and you have an easy path back to Caribbean diving.

Current Favorites

The island of Cozumel has introduced generations of divers to the joys of drift diving along colorful reefs set in warm, clear water. Small wonder that so many of these divers return time and again. Whether it's your first or 20th trip to the Island of Swallows, you'll find your familiar favorite resorts and operators open for business. There are a wide variety of airlines flying into Cancun, but if you want to skip the land transfer and ferry ride, you can catch a direct flight into Cozumel from Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Denver or Atlanta.

Accessible Adventures

Shark dives, walls, reefs, blue holes, shipwrecks... the Bahamas has it all. As international travel resumes, divers can be in the islands within a matter of hours, thanks to direct flights into New Providence from more than a dozen cities in North Americas. After touching down, choices range from premier beach resorts on New Providence to dedicated dive resorts on the out islands and liveaboards that access an even wide swath of this nation of 700 islands.

Water Colors

Curacao's reefs are known for their colorful soft coral formations, while the island itself is one of the Caribbean's epicenters of arts and cultures. Add in a world-famous historic district, a range of distinctive resorts and an eclectic mix of shops and boutiques, and you have all the ingredients for a first-class dive vacation. Fly non-stop from New York or Miami and you can have breakfast at home and get to the beach by happy hour.

Quintessentially Caribbean

From white-sand beaches and a historic port city overlooked by an 18th century fort to spice-laden tradewinds and cascading waterfalls flowing from jungle-clad peaks, Grenada epitomizes the classic stereotype of a Caribbean island. Divers enjoy an extra treat, as the surrounding waters hold dozens of shipwrecks, along with a diversity of additional dive sites. Hop a direct flight from New York, Charlotte, Miami or Toronto to discover this emerald gem of an island.

Get Ready

Your return to international dive travel may still be a few months away, but with destinations eager to reopen and welcome visitors, now is the time to take advantage of some great specials for travel later in the year. Caradonna's agents are in contact with destinations across the Caribbean and beyond to give you the latest developments on the return of dive travel. They are standing by to answer your questions and help you plan for that next great dive trip. Just give them a call at 800-329-9989 or send a note to sales@caradonna.com.