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The Annual Coral Spawning Week at Anse Chastenet

By Chase Sheldon,

The island nation of St. Lucia is known for many things, first and foremost is its stunning beauty. With twin tapered mountain peaks to the west, giving elevation perfect for rainforest tours and guided hikes, and volcanic beaches offering unparalleled relaxation opportunities, there are many reasons already to pack your bags and head down where the weather never stops being beautiful. Amongst its many offerings, diving is a delight in St. Lucia that not many other places can compete with. The waters surrounding the island are warm, and crystal clear, perfect for diving, and the glimpse into this alien world of the wide coral reefs that are highly interconnected. These creatures that are so far away from us yet are so necessary for the safety of our ecosystem.


Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful resorts you could ever go to. Nestled between twin peaks, this six-hundred-acre hotel offers pristine views of both the ocean and the island, a design view that was environmentally conscious for the time, and still is to this day. Each space within the hotel is unique, designed to fit around the life currently existing, rather than above it.

Anse Chastanet hosts Coral Spawning Week, a special event that puts this resort head and shoulders above all others. Located in the two bays that this resort resides in, the waters are teaming with reefs, life underwater couldn't be better. Corals are the natural guests of this resort, and in return provide excellent diving opportunities for all comers. Rich, vibrant colors sparkle in the crystal-clear waters of Anse Chastanet, and with a stay at the resort, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could very easily become yours.


During the annual Coral Spawning Week, right after the full moon, when the temperature of the water is just right, the inshore corals of the two bays will spawning, releasing the next generation to find its place in the ocean, and covering the sea in a thick fog of color. This spectacular event only occurs in the fall, so contact your Caradonna agent today or click below to BOOK NOW if you want to catch this magnificent sight and be a part of the experience. If you miss this year’s event, worry not it happens every year within one-two week window in August- September.