8 Reasons To Visit Buddy Dive Resort

8 Reasons why Buddy Dive Resort is the best destination for your next dive trip

The island of Bonaire and Buddy Dive Resort are ready to welcome visitors when borders open. After months of indoor time and stress, the island known as the Diver's Paradise is the perfect place to de-stress and spend some time soaking in some sun and immersing in clear Caribbean water.

Buddy has prepared everything to ensure your visit is both safe and enjoyable. It's the perfect place for your next dive trip.

Here are eight reasons why:

Dive As Often As You Like. All of Buddy Dive's packages offer unlimited shore diving with free upgrades to Nitrox. Day or night, you can just grab a tank and enjoy the resort's top-rated house reef, or road trip the island's top sites with the convenience of Buddy's drive through fill station. For even more variety, choose a package with daily boat diving to discover the sites of Klein Bonaire and more.

The Caribbean's Best Shore Diving. Bonaire has more than 60 dive sites that can be reached right from the beach — including one of the region's only large wreck that be accessed from shore. And getting to these sites is easy, as Buddy's fleet of rental trucks allow divers to set their own schedules and itineraries.

Reefs to Yourself. With so many great sites to choose from, there's always a quiet place to dive. And divers not only enjoy uncrowded reefs, they can easily maintain social distancing as they travel to sites in  personal rental vehicles, and gear up with plenty of open space.

Safe Dining With a View. Both of Buddy Dive's open-air oceanfront restaurants allow for appropriate social distancing, along with plenty of fresh air and sea breezes. Guests also have the option of ordering take-out and enjoying meals on a private terrace or balcony.

Private Spaces. Buddy's apartment-style accommodations provide more personal space and comfort than the the typical hotel room. Each apartment includes a private balcony or terrace, perfect for relaxing, reading a book, enjoying a drink or just taking in the sun and the views.

Away From the Crowds. Bonaire is known for low-key tourism and a laid-back atmosphere. Visitors can walk the downtown waterfront without battling cruise ship crowds, and enjoy the perfect blend of activities and relaxation.

More on Shore. Diving isn't Bonaire's only attraction. Water sports enthusiasts can add windsurfing, kiteboarding, fishing and kayaking, while the island's National Park and back country offers hiking, birding, biking and more.

Buddy Dive has taken all necessary measures to ensure safety. The Safety of Buddy Dive Guests and their staff is their first priority. They have taken measures to meet all requirements for hygiene and social distancing without taking away the fun from your vacation.