Tongan Beach Resort

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Stay at the Tongan Beach Resort for your next dive vacation and experience its warm and crystal clear waters. Dive into unique caves with magnificent underwater archways, discover marine life such as vibrant corals, mandarin fish, and seahorses, and explore the 400’ wreck of Clan McWilliams that sank over 50 years ago. Humpback whale watching season is July through October and both whale watching nad diving services are provided by Dolphin Pacific Diving.


Hotel Amenities

  • Bar(s) 1
  • Restaurant(s) 1
  • Rooms 12
  • Wi-Fi or Internet

Hotel Meal Plan

  • FAP (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Plan)


  • 'Utungake Island, Vava'u
  • Nearest Airport Vava'u International Airport
  • Distance To Airport 12 miles
  • Distance To Town (Neiafu) 6 miles

Season Info

  • Whale Watching
Animal Interactions


Tongan Beach Resort

VAVA'U, TONGA - This boutique island resort is nestled on the beachfront of the island of Utungake which is conveniently linked to the mainland by a causeway. Tonga offers diving in a South Pacific paradise year-round, but from July through late October, humpback whales frequent these waters and whale watching is the main attraction.
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