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Vacations in the Guadeloupe Islands

Guadeloupe Islands

A Caribbean Classic with a French Accent

The Guadeloupe Islands Overview

If Guadeloupe were candy, it would be the sampler box. This insular region of France provides hints of Continental life, blended with a rich mix of Caribbean cultures and a generous dose of nature. Open air markets are redolent with spices, while scents of fresh-baked croissants and cafe au lait waft from nearby sidewalk cafes. Rainforests cling to the slopes of a mile-high volcano, coastal trails lead to surf washed rock formations and out islands provide a glimpse of simpler times and the region's agricultural roots. Adventures await on land and sea, while beachside resorts offer a full range of civilized pleasures.



Visit a marine park inspired by diving's most famous pioneer. Negotiate swim throughs, arches and canyons in an undersea landscape shaped by lava. Descend on offshore pinnacles swarmed by schooling fish.

SCUBA diving in Guadeloupe
Kayaking in Guadeloupe


Challenge yourself on an elevated adventure course set high in the forest. Paddle through a maze of mangrove islands. Hike to the top of a volcano. Search for whales in the blue water. Island hop to deserted beaches. Try windsurfing or kiteboarding.


Discover Ayurveda healing in a setting of waterfalls and greenery. Tty yoga on the beach. Relax and indulge the senses with a visit to a chocolate factory and a rum tasting.

Spa and Wellness in Guadeloupe