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Vacations in Vanuatu


Discover the Quintessential South Pacific

Vanuatu Overview

Vanuatu delivers everything expected of a South Seas destination. Island landscapes are dominated by towering volcanic peaks. Palm trees lean over white sand beaches. Colorful coral heads are clearly visible beneath clear lagoon waters, and beyond it all, the sapphire blues of the Pacific Ocean stretch towards infinity. Set sail for an out island where grass skirts are considered daily wear, not costumes. Witness traditions such as the land jumping exhibitions of Pentecost Island and the musical traditions of kastom tanis celebrations. For the adventurous, there is surfing, kayaking, waterfall hikes and a chance to dive one of the largest war wrecks in the world.


Swim right from shore to explore a massive wreck. Discover historic war artifacts left abandoned in a shallow bay. Enjoy relaxing explorations of shallow coral gardens within sheltered lagoons or move outside the reef to drift along steep walls or circle submerged pinnacles.

SCUBA diving in Vanuatu