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Vacations in Tonga


A Kingdom of Tropical Delights

Tonga Overview

In the Kingdom of Tonga, you can live like royalty. But don't let it go to your head, because in the Pacific's only remaining monarchy, the royal lifestyle won't involve castles, carriages and coats of arms. Instead, plan on a bicycle-and-beach vibe where shoes are optional, smiles come easy and the favorite state ceremony is sharing a bowl of kava. Add in some sparkling lagoons, white sand beaches and trade wind-cooled coconut groves and you have all the necessary ingredients for a tropical paradise. And then there are the whales. The warm waters surrounding Tonga provide one of the best opportunities in the world to swim with magnificent humpback whales.


Fin through tranquil lagoons loaded with tropical fish and intricate coral reefs. Hover nears steep walls where eagle rays, dolphin and sharks emerge from the blue. Explore submerged tunnels, arches and caverns and listen for the sounds of a whale song.

SCUBA diving in Tonga
Adventures in Tonga


Slip into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to come face-to-face with one of the largest animals in the world.